Why isn't a show on my rate cards?

Clients can sometimes be confused as to why a certain show is not on their rate cards. Here are some possible reasons why that is happening.

The show is not programmed out on your inventory report. 

  • In order for a show to correctly populate inside of our software, the show must be correctly programmed out by whomever pulls your station's inventory reports.
  • A show being properly programmed out is essential for having it populate inside our software. Thus, checking the invenotry report to ensure the show is on there should always be the first thing you check.

The show has no potential units attached to it.

  • Our software pulls in shows from your inventory report that have potential units attached to them. If the show does not have any potential units attached to it, our software will ignore that show (or week(s) of a show).
    • Here is an example of a show on an inventory report that has potential units for their 30s, 15s, and 10s. This show will be correctly read into our system.

    • Here is an example of a show on an inventory report that does not have potential units in certain weeks. In this case, weeks 3/28, 4/4, and 4/25 will be read into our system, whereas, weeks 4/11 and 4/18 will be ignored. 

    • Even if your show has sold units, it will still be ignored if it does not have potential units! Below is an example of a show that has solds, but will still be ignored by our software due to the fact it does not have potential units. 

If everything looks good on your end, you can always reach out to your Consultant or Analyst to investigate further.