Why is (PP) in front of my show names?

ShareBuilder can be used to send rate cards for a future quarter by using historical data.

In ShareBuilder, we keep a detailed price plan for each quarter. These price plans include all of your station's current and historical inventory data, downloaded to each show. If a station requests a rate guide for a future quarter that we do no have a current inventory report for, we can use historical data to create a  rubric for that future quarter. 

After talking to your Consultant and setting the necessary pricing targets, your station's analyst will use the historical data as a starting point for setting rates and will adjust accordingly to hit the pricing target. 

Rates on the Web

Some important notes about your rate cards if we do not have an inventory report for that quarter:

  • Color coding based on sellout status will not be available since there is no live data to make those coloring option decisions.  
  • Every show will populate a rate for every week, regardless of if it is actually airing or not. Since there is no live data to base what weeks the show will be airing, ShareBuilder populates a rate in every week. 
  • Daypart filtering in Rates on the Web will not be available.