What is vCreative? How does it work in ShareBuilder CRM?

About vCreative

vCreative is a software solution supporting media that manages production from inception to on air. vCreative customers can now bring their production data into ShareBuilder CRM. Since ShareBuilder CRM keeps all account information with the account, you will have access to all the production data at your fingertips.

How to Enable the vCreative integration

Simply let our Customer Success team know that your team is using vCreative and are interested in the integration via chat, or email us at Our team will take it from there and work with the team at vCreative to get you setup and communicate any next steps.  Currently we support the following data points:

  • Description
  • Status
  • Spot Assignees
  • Business Units
  • Due Date
  • Start
  • End
  • Order
  • Coop
  • Rotation
  • ISCI
  • Length
  • Audio

Viewing your ShareBuilder CRM Companies in vCreative:

Listed below are the steps that you will need to do in vCreative when submitting a new production order:

  1. Log in to vCreative.

  2. Click on the Client Name dropdown.

  3. You can start typing the name of the Account. You will notice your ShareBuilder CRM Accounts in the list.

  4. Choose the Account.

Viewing vCreative Production Requests in ShareBuilder CRM for an account 

  1. Visit a Company detail page that has spot data in vCreative.  

  2. Click on the vCreative Tab at the top.

  3. You can view all the information from vCreative related to this account.

  4. Click on Listen to hear the audio.

  5. The Production tab will contain historical production information for the account (up to 13 months).


Finding which companies have vCreative data in ShareBuilder CRM

  1. Using the left navigation, go to Companies then to Accounts

  2. Click on the Column Selector Icon in the top right of the list of companies

  3. Check the Box for INTEGRATIONS.

  4. You will now see the vCreative icon logo with any company that has spot data from vCreative. Select the VC icon or click on the company name to go the the company summary to view your information.