Use Sync with Additional Email Addresses

Have ShareBuilder CRM recognize you from more than one email address.

Adding Email address to Sync

You can sync your outlook or Gmail calendars with ShareBuilder CRM. In order to do so, please make sure that you add your outlook and/or your Gmail email address to your ShareBuilder CRM profile. This can be done by 

  • After logging in to ShareBuilder CRM, click on your initials in the upper Right corner of the homepage and select Edit Profile. This opens your profile page.

  • At the bottom add your outlook and/or Gmail email address.

  • A verification email will be sent to that email address, after you open that email and click the ‘verify this email address’ link, Login to ShareBuilder CRM and go to your profile page.

  • Make sure to check the box for “Sends Sync Emails” for your newly added email address.