Transfer Activities to New Account Owner

When transferring an account to a new AE, you can also transfer future account activities to the new account.


Transfer Future AE Activities to New Account Owner.

Any future activities assigned to an AE will be transferred to the new account owner if that account is :

  • Merged with account and a new account owner is selected

  • Transferred to a new account owner Approved via account challenge to a new account owner

  • Transferred by entire AE List to a new account owner

  • Duplicate accounts are merged

The previous account owner will not see any future activity for an account that they no longer own. If a future activity exists and the account is transferred on one business unit  to a new owner but the previous owner who entered the future activity still owns the account on another business unit, the future activity will not transfer to the “new” AE that owns it on a different business unit.  The “new” AE wil not be able to see the future activity entered by the previous account owner. All recurring activities – both historical and future will be transferred to the new account owner.

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