One on One for Managers

One on One for Managers Half Accountability and Half Assistance

Home Page

Most of the information you will need for an AE is on their Home page. You can access this by going to the AE in the drop down at the top of the page.

  • Where are they to budget?

  • Are they beating last year with the same account list? Are they asking for enough to make goal? This can be found on the bar chart and below it – the dark purple (booked business) plus the pink (pending business) should be over the gold bar (the goal).

  • If they are NOT hitting the goals, what is their plan to get there? (And how can you help?)

  • What are their top 10 clients and pending's?

  • High five them for new business and increased. 

  • In attrition, exchange information to see why, and if there is a gap, offer assistance and ideas to help them get back to last year’s spending level. 

  • How are collections coming along? (And how can you help?)

Account List

Next, go to the Account List. Select the Add Filters link in the filter section and select Account Category. Filter on their Keys; then and their Targets.

  • Are there stalled opportunities on their TARGETS? 

  • Are they maintaining and growing their KEYS? 

  • Is there pending related to their Targets? When was the last activity on them?

  • Move accounts to another category or even another AE if needed. (Use arrow left of account name) 

How can you help them grow keys and close targets?

If there is time or if they have few pending's or are not good at updating them, select the Pending page and discuss their pending's. Remind them that if they have the “Next Step” future activity in there, you won’t need to ask them! 

If they need some ideas on who to call, direct them to the NEW/RETURNING/NON- RETURNING report. It will also help them find warm prospects but remind them to look two+ months down the road. 

FINALLY – select Activities, to Add New Activity, and drop in notes on your meeting. You can refer to these before the next meeting and have a record of what was discussed.