Below are the basics for navigating ShareBuilder Pricing.

Here is what the home page of ShareBuilder Web will look like:


Top Bar: the station you are viewing will be located in the top left of the screen. Also, your initials will be located in the top right of your screen. This is where you can log out.

Modules: from here, you can toggle between different modules available to you. These can include Rate Card, Pacing, and Forecasting.  

Station: this is where you will find all available stations to you. Most users will only see one station (multiple if you are a duopoly). Corporate users will be able to see all stations in their ownership group that are ShareBuilders clients. 

Time Period: this is where the quarter you are viewing will be listed. 

Rate Cards: this is where all available rate cards for your station will be listed. You can toggle back and forth to the type of rate card you want to view. This example has 3 rate cards to choose from.

Launch Citrix: this is where you can launch the ShareBuilder Desktop.