Managers Daily Guide in ShareBuilder CRM

How to Be Successful Using ShareBuilder CRM just 10 Minutes a Day!

Corporate/Multi Market

  • $ Glance at your % to budget by market. 
    • Who is getting you there – Local or National or both?

    • How are we looking in next two months?

Check Pending Dollars 

This will tell you where they should end the month, given the pending they still have out. 

  • Sort first by L at the top N/R/L dropdown. You will see how much is local.

  • Sort again by the N. If this seems too high and not realistic, request that the market clean up the national pending. 

  • Once it is clean, this should give you a pretty accurate picture of where you will end the month. If you are too high/low locally or nationally, you will be able to know who to coach for more accurate pending

  • Repeat, but change the month above in the criteria to the following month

Look at the Booked changes. 

This won’t be anything on Monday, but as the week goes by you can see how many dollars were added (or not). 

Each month, look at the top accounts, attrition, non-returning so you can be aware of your biggest accounts, where markets can add digital, and what pending you should be seeing (for the non-returning).

At the very top center of the page, you can pull each of your markets. Just glance at their Home Pages, to see:

  • How much maintenance they have (Heads Up on the right upper corner)

  • Their top accounts (lower part of Home Page)

  • Their top Pendings (same place)

  • Their top AEs (so you can see who the producers are)