How to Set Up/Change Pending Stages and % Confidence Defaults

Managers can set up the Stages of the Sales Funnel to match their philosophy, including setting up ranges and defaults for % confidence of a pending piece of business.

Managers can set a default % confidence for sales funnel stages in Pending's or can set a range of confidence for stages. Managers can also rename the standard sales funnel names found in ShareBuilder CRM, or add a stage if desired.

To access these settings, go to SETTINGS>PENDING>SALES FUNNEL

For example, if the manager wants the WON stage to update all pending in that stage to 100%, then they would change that stage to 100%.

You can have some stages set at a range, and some at a default number.

When set, the Stage and %Confidence updates each other anywhere pending can be edited. This saves Sellers steps in updating their pending, and allows for different pending philosophies – meaning, for example, if a pending is in the PROPOSAL stage, a manager may want it to be 50-90% confidence, because if it made it that far, that a Sellers is presenting, the chances for closing may be greater. The system is allowing for different philosophies.

Drag and drop of the pending on the sales funnel page can update stage and confidence at the same time.

Suggestion: The last stage or the WON stage should be set to 100% default confidence. This will make it easier on sellers, as when an order comes in, the pending will move to 100% automatically before auto closing. Reminder – pending's auto close to WON if the order matches the account name and is for the amount pending per month or more. If the order is less, the pending must be manually marked as WON. The 100% confidence default will save them a step in changing the confidence.

To change the name of a stage in the sales funnel, just click on the name. Next to the name you will see a pencil icon. That will allow you to change the name.

REMINDER: If you change a name or add or changes stages, you must designate which one is the Proposal Stage in which a presentation is made, and which is the Order Received Stage. This allows for auto-close pending's and other reports and functions throughout ShareBuilder CRM.

NOTE: You must resolve all pending that you have before setting new stages or changes. Pending's put in prior to those changes will NOT change to the new settings.