How to Reforecast in ShareBuilder CRM

Step by step instructions to Reforecast in ShareBuilder CRM. Business Unit Reforecast and AE Reforecast

What is Reforecasting?
It's important to understand reforecasting and its purpose in order to use the tool effectively. Please  read this first to fully understand the Reforecasting Tool.

Business Unit Reforecast: 

This can be found on the Financials Page, Tools Menu , Reforecast and choose BusinessUnit 

  1. Click on the FILTER button on the page to make your selections 

  2. Choose the Business Unit you need to Reforecast. 

  3. Choose the Time Period 

  4. Choose NRL (Local, National etc)

  5. Enter the dollar amounts. This is the reforecasted number

  6. Click Save at the Bottom of the Page 

AE Reforecast

This can be found on the Financials Page, Tools Menu , Reforecast and choose AE  Reforecast

  1. Using the criteria section, select the Business Unit, Time Period, NRL and AE 

  2. If you are reforecasting individual budget categories , enter those numbers against the AE Flash section for that Budget category 

  3. If you have reforecasted individual budget categories and would like to make the total of those reforecasted numbers to become the AE's Business Unit Reforecast, enter '0' or leave it blank . If in addition to reforecasting the individual budget categories you are also reforecasting the total Business Unit budget with a new number, add the NEW Business Unit budget number here. 

  4. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page 

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