How to Challenge an Account

You can Challenge and account from an unprotected list

How to Challenge an Account Kitty Malone

 To Request an Account from another AE's list, you must Challenge the account. In most cases, these account challenges must be approved by a manager. They are often found in the OPEN category or on a HOUSE list

Challenge A Specific Account

  1. Visit your Account List page . Go to COMPANIES on your left navigation bar, the to Accounts

  2. In the keyword search filter, enter a part or all of the account name

  3. Select Search

If the account your searching for did not show in your search results try these tips. 

  • Set the AE filter to ALL

  • Toggle Hide Open to off 

If the Account is available to challenge you will see a + sign in a green circle to the right of the page on the line of the account . Click on the + sign to Request the Account.
Note: The Account will not move to your list until a Manager approves the transfer.

Search Open Accounts to Challenge

If you want to see All the Accounts in the Open category follow the instructions below

  1. Visit your Account List

  2. Select the blue Add Filters to reveal additional criteria boxes 

  3. Select the box beside Category and close the filter popup

  4. Set the AE dropdown to All and the 

  5. Set Category to Open 

  6. Select Search

Note: You can save this search by clicking on SAVE FILTERS. 

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