How to Add an Activity

This article will show you how to add an activity, create a follow-up, and schedule a recurring appointment.

You can add an activity by going to the Activity → Add:

Anything in red is required to schedule an activity.

You want to enter the information under the Activity Details tab. To associate this activity with an account, contact, or agency, enter a few letters under the Companies and Contacts bar to pull up the choices. You can select one or multiple associations.

The follow-up tab allows you to schedule another activity for the same account, contacts, or agencies. Be sure to save after your entry using the top right SAVE button. That will document the activity on your calendar as well as the activity tab under the account summary.


To add a recurring appointment, enter the necessary information in the Details tab, then click on the More tab and fill out the 3 options. Please be sure to make the end date the same DAY as the activity.

If you want to send the activity you have created in your external calendar, navigate to the Details tab and toggle the tab at the bottom left-hand side to on. It will send that activity to your external calendar. Be sure to SAVE!