How do I generate ratings through Wide Orbit Media Sales?

Guide for pulling ratings books data from the WOMS system.

This method is for WOMS ONLY. 

  1. Select New Avail
  2. Select Market
  3. Select Station
  4. Delivery Type – Select All
  5. Select Share book – select PUT book for PJ, for Actuals leave at No Adjustment
  6. Hit Next
  7. Click on each book and select “None” for rate books – leave Use Rate Card Names
  8. Hit next
  9. Programming – select inventory products and all dayparts and then hit next.
  10. Report Dates – this is unimportant – hit next
  11. Flighting – select Single Flight
  12. Advertiser – this can be skipped
  13. Ignore Agency
  14. Demo – click on edit demo list then select Area (Fam/Persons) Age – start and end.   Click RTG then add DMA
  15. Select Demo and hit nextRAtings WOMS Screen1
  16. Select title and then run
  17. Under columns uncheck Rate Level, Dayparts, Shares, PUTs/HUTs/CPP/CPM
  18. Click Export and select Avail Export
  19. Select :30 spot lengths and hit ok.
  20. Report will look like below – select Excel Export option

RAtings WOMS Screen2