eMarketing in ShareBuilder CRM

Creating and sending eMarketing through ShareBuilder CRM

This program will send a personalized e-mail to each group of contacts you select and includes an option for the client to reply to you or to opt-out. It requires that email addresses be set up for each contact that is to be included in e-blasts.

You must have eMarketing turned on in ShareBuilder CRM and set up with an email for spam and unsubscribe requests in your market. Use the HELP CHAT for a manager to request this feature.

There are 5 Steps to send an e-blast.

  1. Initial Setup 

  2. Choose contacts

  3. Email details

  4. Review and Confirm 

  5. Complete and Schedule Delivery

If you use Office 365, please read our Office 365 E-Marketing setup.

Initial Setup

AE's can send to any advertiser or agency contact on their list. Managers can send to the business unit(s) they oversee (based on team member roles and setup) Please note you must be set up correctly in ShareBuilder CRM to use this tool. Check with your admin if you are unable to access eMarketing. 

When your market was first set up, you submitted to ShareBuilder CRM an email address that a manager or sales assistant can check after each e-blast to look for undeliverable addresses or opt-outs so you can make appropriate changes to account contacts. (If you do not know the email address to check, please ask a manager or ask ShareBuilder CRM customer service).

  • When a recipient clicks the Unsubscribe link, it takes them to a page in ShareBuilder CRM where they opt themselves out.  And that action will reflect as Opted Out on the Contacts List for a New eMarketing.  

  • Each AE should check their contact emails and update if necessary, by going to Contacts and scrolling through their contacts to add or revise email addresses.

Choose Contacts 

  • Go to EMARKETING on menu and then click New eMarketing.

  • Create a Title for the eMarketing.

  • Select the contacts you wish to include in your e-blast based on the criteria displayed. Click Save and Refresh before clicking Next.

  • On the Contacts List, if you add or revise an email address, that change will update the contact info in the Account Summary.

All eMarketing pieces sent through ShareBuilder CRM will create an Activity that links to the Account for each contact.

Email details

  • Subject is required.

  • Body of the email – a best practice is to create the body of the email in a Word document from which you can copy and paste into the body of the email.

  • Attachments should also be created and saved on your desktop so you can attach to the email if desired.  A maximum of 2 attachments can include PDFs or audio files. Note: Individual attachments may not exceed 5 MB in file size.

  • You can create HTML emails if desired by clicking the HTML icon at the bottom of the detail screen.  Some limitations may apply.

Review and Confirm

  • Click Preview Email to see how it will look when received. 

  • Send Test Email (required) – Send to a manager for approval and click the box beside your email address to also receive the test email. (Note: A test message must be sent but it does not have to go to anyone in particular nor does it require approval). 

  • Check box beside “I approve the test email and am ready to continue.”

  • Click NEXT to review recipients and the message.

Complete and Schedule Delivery

  • Schedule Delivery Options: 

  • Send this message now (only available if less than 100 contacts)

  • Send this message today at 8P EST

  • Schedule delivery of this message

  • Click Schedule Email

  • Or click Delete Email

To check Delivery, you can click on the name of the eMarketing in View and see the sent list. To the right, there is a column named Open where you can see if the recipient opened the email.