AE Stage Goals

AE Stage Goals See the Goals for Pending Stages in Report Card 


See how many pending's an AE has had in each stage. You can see how that stacks up against the goal! Here is how to enter the goals for your salespeople. They will show up once you save them in the AE's profile. Only managers or someone with permission to add/edit team members can add the goals.

Setting Monthly Stage Goals

Visit the Our Team page and choose the AE you wish to set goals for. Select the Additional Settings tab. Note: Goals are not available when creating a new team member. Create the team member first then enter goals. 

  • Enter the monthly AE Goal for each stage.

  • When complete choose Save at the top right of the page

Viewing and Reporting Monthly Stage Goals

Visit the Report Card page located PENDING'S from the left navigation, to TOOLS, then to Report Card Summary. 

When you filter on the Time Period and the Budget Category you will see the number of actual pending's that hit that Stage of the Sales Funnel, out of the Goal. Any numbers in those columns will have this pattern: # of Pending's / Goal / % to Goal