Add Team Members to ShareBuilder CRM

How To instructions to add an AE, a manager, a sales assistant or any other team member to your ShareBuilder CRM

Adding a Team Member to ShareBuilder CRM requires that you have Manager or Admin permissions. Remember: ShareBuilder CRM is customizable, so your team members may have fewer or other options and roles than pictured here. This is just a snapshot for you to make decisions for setting up users, based on your particular market criteria. 

 Here are the steps 

  1. Using your left Navigation click on Our Team

  2. On the Our Teams Page click on Add Team Member or Click on the '+' 


  1. Add the Team Member's name, Title, and Office. If the team member is NOT a national or regional rep firm use the LOCAL OFFICE. 

  2. You do not need to enter their phone numbers. 

  3. Add  the team member's email here. This will be the email they use to log in. 

4. Business Unit Options:

  1. If the user has permission to see an account list and basic non-financial information on a business units's  accounts, turn ON the Business Unit . 

  2. Be sure to turn on the REQUEST ACCOUNTS if they will have accounts on that Business Unit  and should be able to request new ones. 

  3. The DEFAULT BUSINESS UNIT gives them the views they will use most of the time. We recommend sliding this ON for the sellers main business unit , which may be all in many cases. 

  4. For Managers, The EMAIL MANAGER TRANSFER can be turned on if the Manager wants to be notified when accounts change hands in ShareBuilder CRM. 

  5. For Managers, turn on MANAGER APPROVAL  if they are to sign off on account requests. 

5. NRL Membership:
Turn on ONLY those regions that a seller will have permission to view/sell. Managers and admin may have all applicable regions, as defined by your traffic system. Unless your NSM carries a Local list, they will just have National. Generally, National is only rep firm business.

6. ShareBuilder CRM Roles: 

  1. Choose the title of the User to get basic permissions/roles. If you have specialized permissions or roles, open the list of roles to add or subtract the permissions. 

  2. HINT: if a Manager is a SELLING Manager, and carries a list, you can choose both the AE and Manager titles to give them the needed permissions.

8. Additional Settings:
These settings allow team members to receive reminders and help guides; and will send their activities to their outside calendar automatically, if applicable. 

9. Add User

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