Who can add, edit or view activities? 

  • An activity can be added by any user for any account by any user regardless of ownership.

  • An activity can  be added and related to an agency, even without relating it to the agency’s particular accounts.

  • One activity can be added for multiple accounts. This can be helpful when calling on an agency, and talking to the buyer about an idea or sales initiative for several accounts. Also, this can be used when prospecting and making multiple phone or in person calls about an initiative within a time period.

An activity related to an account can be seen by:

  • The owner of the account

  • The creator of the activity

  • AE'S on a shared account

  • A user who created the activity

  • The user who is listed in the “Activity For” section. (Reminder, this section defaults to the user, so if you intend to create an activity for someone else, be sure you have changed from yourself in that section.)

An activity added for an Agency can be seen by all users.

An activity created for a contact, not associated with an account, can be seen by anyone.

Editing an Activity:

An activity may be edited by:

  • The user who created the activity

  • The person the activity was created for

  • A user with Manager permissions

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