Account Sharing

Share an account with team members. 

The Account Sharing feature in ShareBuilder CRM is useful If you have multiple team members working the same account. This feature helps support team account management. Both the team member who owns the account and the team member who it is shared with are able to view all the Account information to collaborate.  The billing can be viewed by Account or by who individually booked it.

Setting Up Account Sharing

This feature is not often requested and is turned off by default for all markets and users. Currently, account sharing can only be turned on by our team. Just give us a chat and let us know if you would like to enable this functionality. 

Share An Account

Sharing an account could not be any easier. Simply visit the Account Summary of any Account you own and wish to share with another user. Located about halfway down the page is the Shared Account section directly below the Account Executive list. 


If you do not see this Account Sharing section directly below the
Account Executives, then this feature is not turned on.  

Impacts to Financials

All billing should be assigned to the appropriate rep in the traffic system for the dollars to reflect toward each AE's budgets accordingly.  

If an Account is shared, both AEs can see the billing in the Account Summary and Account Billing pages.  Everywhere else in ShareBuilder CRM, the normal rules apply.

When using Account Sharing, it's important to understand how the billing flows. When viewing billing By Account List (the default throughout ShareBuilder CRM), it will show the billing only for the AE that owns the account, not the shared AE or it would duplicate.  When viewing billing by AE Actuals (an option on the Billing Summary page and report), you will see the billing for each AE regardless of who owns the Account or whom it's shared with. When viewing dollars to the budget, we strongly recommend using AE Actuals otherwise the Shared Account dollars will not be reflected. 

If the Shared AE (the one not owning the Account) books billing on the account, a Discrepancy will not show by design since they are working as a team.