Account Files

Save your Documents, Images, and other files in ShareBuilder CRM.

Store your customer's files in ShareBuilder CRM linked to your Accounts for free. Since ShareBuilder CRM is cloud-based, you can see your account files from anywhere.

Uploading New Files

  1. Visit any Account Summary in ShareBuilder CRM by clicking on the Account name.
  2. Select the Files tab within the account
  3. Select the Add Files button and choose the file from your computer you wish to upload to the account
  4. Select the Upload or OK button and that's it

Types of Files You Can Upload:

.jpeg, .jpg, .txt, .pdf, .mov, .wav, mp3 and many others

Private & Shared Files

The files you upload will default to private. To share an account file, simply click edit and toggle the private option and click save. Shared files are visible to every team member in your Market. Private files are accessible by any team member who has access to the Account in ShareBuilder CRM. 

Managers with the roles and permissions can make them public again, in the case of an account transfer. Below, find the rules for Private Files, and transferring accounts:

  • AE's can see any account file they upload for any account they own. 

  • A manager can see any account file uploaded (including private) for any account on a business unit where they are “member of”.

  • An AE sharing an account (on the same business unit, and it is set up and designated as “shared”) can see any file uploaded for by the Account owner or by themselves regardless of if the file is marked private.

  • An account file marked private can only be seen by the account owner who uploaded the file (and shared AE) for the business unit which they own the account for. No other AE’s will see that file even if they own the same account for a different business unit.

  • If an account is transferred and has files marked private, the new account owner cannot see the private files.

  • If an account is merged to another account and has files marked private, only the person who originally uploaded the private file will see the files. If a new account owner was selected during the merge, the new owner will not see the private files.

  • If an account with a file marked private is challenged and the challenge is approved, the new account owner will not see the private file.

  • Managers can change the privacy of any file marked private for the business units they are a “member of”.

Remember, Managers can override any private files, making them public, if the Manager is a member of the business unit with the uploaded file on it.

To make private files public, to the Our Team page, click on the Team member's name to open their profile, then click the administration tab where you can edit the file option.  You can toggle that switch without having to use the delete option.

Monthly Account File Storage Pricing 

  • No Charge to ShareBuilder CRM Customers