System Status

Check to see the status of the different systems that keep ShareBuilder CRM online and available

System Status 

We do our best to keep ShareBuilder CRM online and available at all times for all of our users, but sometimes things happen. Things that are out of our control, infrastructure, internet routing, or system issues can cause service interruptions. 

ShareBuilder CRM knows how important your access is to you, this is why we wanted to provide as much transparency during these times as possible. We have put together a page that provides you the status of the major features that keep ShareBuilder CRM operational and available to you and your team. 

Stay Notified

Look for the "Stay Notified" button in the top right of the status page. This button allows you to subscribe to the updates and outage notifications from the ShareBuilder CRM team. At any time you can unsubscribe to this service. Subscribe via email here.

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