One on One for AE'S

One-on-One for AE'S: Half Accountability and Half Assistance.

Be prepared. 

All of this can be found on your Home page. 

  • Know where you are to budget

  • What you have in your sales funnel

  • What your next steps are to closing and collections. 

Make A Plan

If you are not where you need (or would like) to be, be ready to discuss a plan. You can find this information in your budget areas of your Homepage, and on your 3 Month Billing and Pending Report. You can make a plan to call on accounts that were on last year and not yet this year by looking at the Year to Year or the New/ Returning/Non-Returning report. This will also show you accounts that spent more last year than this year, giving you opportunity to upsell an existing account. 

Be ready to discuss your Key and Target accounts. Find this by filtering your Account List or on your Account Category chart. Be sure you have a next step for your Targets and be thinking of ways to upsell your Keys.

Ask for help.

Be coachable. Your Manager wants you to close business as much as you do. Take their help and advice!