Miller Kaplan

How to Upload the Miller Kaplan Report

This article is designed to provide the end user with details on what reports need to be pulled and when.

How do I pull the reports from X-ray?

Below are the steps to extract the Miller Kaplan information and upload it to ShareBuilder CRM for ease of use.  

Top 500 Market Accounts YTD 

This report must be run for each business unit, each month.  Typically markets will start with the most recent month available and go from there. Others like to collect year-to-date. That is up to your management team.

  • If X-ray v4.0
    • From Database Inquiry
    • Choose “Market Key Accounts With Station Share”  
  • If the previous version of X-ray
    • From Database Inquiry
    • Select "Market"
    • Select "Top Market Accounts"
    • Select one business unit (1 at a time//1 business unit per file)
    • Select your period (one month)
    • Select the period type as “YTD”
    • Select "Select Number of Top Accounts"  (Most choose 500 - or up to 1,000)
    • Click "View Results"
    • Click "Export "
    • Choose Excel as your format.
    • Save the file to your computer (perhaps to a folder called ShareBuilder CRM MKXRay)
    • Upload into ShareBuilder CRM.

How do I upload the Report?

Log in to CRM and click the Financials → Uploads from your left navigation bar.

  1. Select Source: choose the current traffic system.
  2. Select Financial Data Type: choose Sales Forecast, Accounts Receivable, etc.
  3. Select Market: your market should come up as default.
  4. Select Business Units: Choose the business units you are uploading, or All Business Units.
  5. Choose the date the file was pulled.
  6. If uploading an Inventory file, choose the correct inventory category from the drop-down.
  7. Click Browse and select the report file you have created.
  8. Click Upload.
  9. You will get a confirmation if the upload is successful.

Once the report is uploaded

You will see market competitive information on the accounts that are on YOUR business units. You will see spending levels for the market and % of the business that you have. You can see this information in the Miller Kaplan report, found in the Financials → Exports/Reposrts or in the specific Account Summary.