Marketron Yield Traffic System Reports

Marketron Yield Management Uploads

This document is designed to provide the end user with details on what reports need to be pulled and when.

Which Dayparts should be included?

The email sent to that contained this attachment specifies which Dayparts to include. This list must be determined by management team.

How many Inventory Reports do I need to run?

This will depend on a few factors:

  1. Inventory Categories – ShareBuilder CRM allows you to create separate buckets of inventory for tracking called “Inventory Categories”. You will need at least one report for each.

  2. Inventory Category which should be defined in the email with this document attached. Station Specific Dayparts – Typically one set of dayparts are used for all stations, however if you have different dayparts per station, then you will need to pull one report for each station and each Inventory Category.

How often should the Inventory Report be ran?

We recommend Inventory reports be ran daily to ensure the sales team has a realistic view of the inventory.

How do I run an Inventory Report?


  • This information should be pulled from the Reports Module.Reports>Management Reports>Scheduled, Scheduled.

  • Make sure to include Current Month + 3 months at a minimum. If you can pull 6 months out, that would be ideal.

  • You can include all stations in each file.

  • To see a complete report of all spots that will affect inventory, include Bumped Data, Unresolved Missed spots, and Pending Orders.

  • This report will need to be pulled for each Inventory Category pre-defined by your market. (ie 60’s,30’s, 10’s+15’s). This may have been defined in the email with these instructions.

  • This report is very specific to each market so it will be up to your team to decide the additional criteria. This gives you the ability to leave out certain programs, priorities, etc.

  • Include all the standard dayparts you plan to manage.

If your market manages inventory by Minutes, the following columns are required:


  • Station

  • Daypart

  • Date Minutes Sold

  • Minutes Unsold

  • Priority

  • AUR

  • Minutes Inventory

If your market manages inventory by Units, the following columns are required:


  • Station

  • Daypart

  • Date

  • Unit Sold

  • Unit Unsold

  • Priority

  • AUR

  • Unit Inventory

Export/Save this report

  • Please use CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

  • To export: Within the report, go to File>Export To Text> chose .csv.

  • To save report and filters:File>Save As. Name report and Save Filter Settings.

  • Typically we recommend using the current date in the name of the file in case you need to reference it later and creating a folder called “ShareBuilder CRM” for organization.

This is the first time I’m pulling this report. Can you confirm it is ok?

Yes, we recommend you send the first report to our team so we can review and confirm it’s correct. Use the support icon in the bottom right of any page and send us your first report.

How do I upload Reports?

  1. Using your password provided, go to www.ShareBuilder and login.

  2. Click the Uploads tab, then click the Billing Upload link in the secondary Navigation.

  3. Choose the Data Type of “Inventory”

  4. Choose the “All Business Units” or the individual “Business Unit” you are uploading

  5. Choose the date the file was pulled

  6. Choose the “Inventory Category” from the drop down list.

  7. Click Browse and select the folder that has the report you created.

  8. Click Upload Billing File.You will get a confirmation if the upload is successful.

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