Importing Contacts from the Traffic System

Can I import contacts and addresses that are entered in the traffic system?

Depending on your Traffic system, contacts can be imported to ShareBuilder CRM, with some restrictions as outlined below. You must have the ability to pull a specific report from the traffic system in order to facilitate the import. Once you have identified your traffic system, please refer to the links below for instructions on how to pull the Advertiser Report.

Wide Orbit
Visual Traffic

Once you have the report, using your left navigation , click on Uploads

1. Navigate to the Advertiser file that you pulled from the Traffic System
2. Choose Financial Data Type = Advertiser
3. Choose Business Unit = All Stations
4. Allow this to default to NO
5. Click Upload.

Once your file upload and processes, you will see a green check mark on the uploads page.

A few things to keep in mind about the Advertiser file Upload:

1. If an account exists in ShareBuilder CRM, Example 'Z's Candy Store' and there are no contacts. When the advertiser file is uploaded and there is an exact account name match, the contact will be imported

2. If this same account has multiple contacts in the advertiser file, only ONE contact will be imported.

3. Further, if an account is in the Advertiser file, example Kitty's Candy Store and it does not exist in ShareBuilder CRM, the contact will be skipped, it will not be imported

4. If an account exists in ShareBuilder CRM, example Cindy's Candy Store and in ShareBuilder CRM it has a contact called John Smith. When the advertiser file is uploaded , and the file has Cindy's Candy Store with contact Jane Jones. This contact will not be imported, because we only check to see if a contact exists, we don't check to see if it's a different contact and contacts are not updated through the traffic system or replaced.

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